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Otherwise, check out the group programs currently on offer, and secure your place in our next program. Legal Disclaimer: every effort has been made to accurately represent our services and their potential. However, each individual's success is dependent on their background, desire, dedication and motivation, and upon taking action. There is no guarantee that you will earn or receive inflows of money as a result of engaging the services of Rich Life by Design. Have you always dreamed of becoming an author? Are you also a business owner who wants to self-publish a book to attract ideal clients?

Play the video above to discover why Do you find yourself feeling Overwhelmed at the thought of writing a book for your business? Frustrated by stop-start attempts to get your book written? Confused about the whole publishing process? You really just want that published book in your hands, and in the hands of your potential clients! Well, you're definitely not alone.

It's time for your book-publishing dream to come true. There are two key factors that will ensure your success:. Where can you obtain both of these crucial elements? Right here at Rich Life by Design! Signing copies of my first published book. Is this right for YOUR business? Health, wellness or medical professional Life coach Business coach Marketing or social media expert Psychologist or therapist Speaker. Financial advisor Accountant Lawyer Restaurateur or cafe owner Architect or interior designer Stylist.

For instance, you might want to write: a how-to guide a transformational self-help book with coaching or teaching exercises a recipe book a compilation book of real-life stories with more than one contributing author or a beautiful lifestyle book that showcases your work The choice is yours! Here are the services provided within our online one-on-one package:. Project management We project manage the entire production of your book — creating a publication schedule, liaising with external service providers, compiling endorsements, writing the back-cover blurb and proofing the book before upload.

Marketing planning Planning your marketing is super-important.

This is the best advice on writing we've read

Mindset support Underpinning every step of your self-publishing journey is all-important mindset support. Although I guide and manage the creation of your book, it really is a case of With all packages, a payment plan is available to help with your business cashflow.

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There are so many benefits to taking part in online group programs with Rich Life by Design. Happy business owners who've self-published in style. SB: Getting distracted while trying to focusing on writing. It's easy to find other things to do or pretend I'm writing by researching something on the Internet which usually ends with reading blogs and books on topics that interest me.

I found that if I start each writing session by taking ten minutes to handwrite my next scene, outline conversations and thoughts, or take notes on what needs to happen in a scene before getting on the computer to write it helps me focus on filling in the scene and keep writing.

How to Write a Paper in a Weekend (By Prof. Pete Carr)

Someday, when I have more room in my corner of the house where my office resides, I want to buy a laptop and delete all games and Internet connections on it so I can take away the temptation to start. Seriously, for me the hardest obstacle has been self-confidence. I have always been far too critical and that has held me back I think.

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I have worked hard to overcome being self-conscious and negative about my work. EB: I'm not a patient person which is not ideal because everything about the writing process is so slow! I try to meditate every day to keep things in perspective. In the end, what does it matter if my book gets published this year or next? I have to remind myself to enjoy it.

If you don't enjoy it, what's the point? RW: The genuinely hardest part of doing any writing is actually sitting down and forcing yourself to do it. It's very easy to distract yourself with literally anything else. Once you manage to get to the desk it's easy to distract yourself with "research" or to hold yourself up some fiddly bit of formatting, or to convince yourself you cannot continue with some tiny little detail clarified. I have to symbolically and sometimes literally cut myself off from distractions. TV and router unplugged.

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Food eaten. Phone off. It's too easy to just turn everything back on, but with each distraction taken away the potential guilt of not writing increases. SB: I went a less traditional path than most. While I have confidence in my writing, I am a young mother working on a ranch and my husband's schedule isn't the most consistent. Some days I have all the time in the world to work. Other days my time is limited or non-existent. I didn't like the idea of submitting work to a publisher and not being able to meet my deadline. That's not fair to a publisher.

So I started by self-publishing my work. Once I finish writing and editing a manuscript, I take on the persona of a publisher. I send it to readers who give me an honest opinion of what they like and don't like about the story.

I fix the mistakes and send it to another set of readers. I fix the mistakes they might find. Then I pay a good editor to look over it, fix those mistakes, and it's off to a proof-reader. Lastly, I polish it, and send it off for a cover and layout work, before publishing it. JM: I studied art and trained as an illustrator, so my first introductions to publishers were through a portfolio of images. I spent a long time visiting publishers where possible and learning about the industry that way. Submitting something by email is very detached. Meeting a publisher, or even a junior designer as I did can be the personal element that makes a difference.

It was a junior designer who first saw my draft for my first book, Katie's Picture Show, and passed it on to senior staff. That's how I got published.

This is the best advice on writing we've read

So try to meet publishers, go to book fairs, be open and friendly And don't give up! EB: My first book Shop Girl Diaries began as a weekly blog about working in my parents' eccentric chandelier shop in south east London. I took it very seriously and treated each post as if it were going to be published in print. After six months of blogging, I decided I needed to work on promoting it. I joined publishers' Facebook pages and left my blog link on their walls telling them a bit about it. Marketing Your Own Book.

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