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Nightwing (1979)

A goofy but amusing horror adventure following Old Man Hawk and his grandson and some random woman they picked up along the way as they roadtrip to kick some witch ass. At some points it actually feels like that ghost could get kinda creepy, but then they move on to the far less eerie ghost car and the trio doing a lot of talking about and pointing at the aforementioned ghost car.

Moments of fun, but overall falls quite a bit short of what it could have been. If only they had a time machine in '76 to travel to , watch Human Lanterns , and return with some atmospheric influence to bring out some of the strong points of this film. Some 30 odd years ago I saw a film on last night tv which struck a chord with me.

Iron Crown - In The Shadow of the Hawk

Even after literally minutes of diligent research I was still unable to confirm it's identity. And then this pops up in the schedules. Somehow the title felt familiar, what synopsis there was told me little about the film, so I was hopeful. And sure enough this isn't it. At least I don't think it is. I'm pretty sure it isn't anyway. Unless my poor, addled brain is starting to fail…. Review by Bob R. Chief Dan George plays "Old Man Hawk", a native american shaman pitted in a magical war against a witch who wants to overthrow the forces of good and become supreme ruler of all nature.

Hawk knows he's in over his head, so he goes to the city to retrieve an infusion of new blood in the form of his tribe-abandoning grandson Mike Jan Michael Vincent. What ensues are voodoo dolls, spirit animals, ghostly car chases and a terrific fight between Vincent and a bear, rather, vincent cuddling with a tame black bear intercut with shots of him fighting a guy in a hilariously obvious bear-suit. All in all, Shadow of the Hawk has its moments, but lazy pacing makes it certainly drag at times. A low budget Native American horror film made in Canada that feels like a Charles B Pierce joint, but isn't, stars Jan Michael Vincent, who is as faithful as his options, Chief Dan George, who steadfastly refuses to part with his Samsonite come what may, and Marilyn Hassett who does not do most of her own stunts for a very good reason.

The film is slow-paced and overly serious but does features some nice stunts by Buddy Joe Hooker's crew, some interesting "black medicine" sequences which help it get past some…. Pretty cool little sleeper of a film with a unique Native Canadian story line as shaman Chief Dan George convinces his half native grandson to return to their village and help ward off the evil spirit of a ancient witch.

Blu-ray Review: Nightwing () and Shadow of the Hawk () Double Feature -

It builds a nice bit of creepiness as the witch tries many supernatural tricks to prevent them from returning. Chief Dan George brings a note of class and dignity to the proceedings and the rugged British Columbian rain forest setting is full of eerie beauty and menace. There are a few seconds of passible chills, but mostly nonsense about an evil spirit.

I did like the car crashing into an invisible wall. A darn good effect for the mid 70s. Jan-Michael Vincent undergoes a mystic journey to rediscover his Native heritage. The big thing here is leading the hero back to nature. Whereupon he promptly goes back to the city. In a way, it felt like a TV pilot.

Vincent departs with a promise to return if his people really really needed him for realsies. So, Jan Michael Vincent playing the grandson of a native American? In this one, some evil Indian guy wants to kill a good Indian guy for no apparent reason, so she enlists the help of his grandson and trains them in the mystical Indian ways.

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